Aminabad Market in Lucknow

During the period of  4th Nawab of Awadh Nawab Asifuddaula, the area of Aminabad was   given  to Shah Alam Second during 1759-1806 who constructed Imambara, Feelkhana and a garden along with a number shops. After his death, his Begum sold out the entire properties to one of the officers in Nawab Amjad Ali Shah court, Imdad Hussain Khan Aminaddaula (1842-47). He also further constructed here gardens, Mosque, Big houses, market and named it as Aminabad.  

Hence we can say that it was  established by the Imdad Hussain Khan, a    Vazir (Minister) to Nawab Wazid Ali Shah, (1842-1847). He was given name "Aminuddaula" and he was famous by his name.  Hence this part of this city, which is now a large shopping centre of Lucknow, was named as Aminabad. As per history, the Governor of Awadh (then United Provinces of Agra and Oudh) Lieutenant General Hewitt inaugurated   Aminabad Park which was part of Aminabad Market on February 18, 1911. Aminabad is the heart of Lucknow  and it is now 165 years old market of the city.

After 1857 war of independence, the entire area came under the rule of British. Initially, British did not pay any attention to the market with the result the whole market was somewhat abandoned.  At that time, an English daily 'Advocate' whose editor was Babu Ganga Prasad Verma, expressed in his editorials the pains of Aminabad. The matter came to the notice of the then Lt. Governor Sir J.D. Loutouche, who visited Aminabad in 1905 and ordered renovation of the area. Loutouche Road came into existence at that time. The new renovated Aminabad was inaugurated by Sir Loutouche in  the year 1911.

In fact, Aminabad market is a combination of various markets. Since almost everything is available in this area, it  is now the most preferred market for shopping. The markets are main  Aminabad viz. Mohan Market, Pratap Markent, Garbarjhala and  Guin Road Stationery Market, Fruits market,  Ganeshganj, Shri Ram Road, etc.

Some well known shops like Tunde Kabab, Matabadal Pansari, Madhur Milan, Prakash Kulfi , Dwivedi Sarees, Chief Market and Swadeshi Markets are situated here. Aminabad market has been florishing since Nawabs' era in Lucknow. Although it is closed on Thursday, most of the shops remain open all the days of week to cater the huge crowd of customers coming from UP and other nearby areas. 

There is a three storied car motorcycle parking which caters to almost all the vehicles coming for shopping in Aminabad apart from some open parking near it. The famous Jhandewala Park is here. Three Cinema Halls are still showing movies. You can eat food and chat, etc. in Madhur Milan Restaurant of the area. Tunde Kababi- World  famous non-veg shop can also be visited to relish the non-veg kababs,etc. You can also enjoy tasty Desi Ghee Ki Kachauri at Kbra ke pas vali Dukan. It is mainly a cloth market but other goods are available like plastic items, gift items, fashion clothes, shoes, watches. Almost everything is available here in acceptable rates. 

Nearby Qaiser Market houses a number of wholesale traders in Medicines. People are friendly and helpful. In the vicinity, there is Loutouche Road, famous for house building material,  Garbarjhala Market famous for ladies ornaments, clothes and toys, and Nazeerabad for chikan clothese.  

The nearby markets are Gautam Buddha road (Loutouce Road-famous for engineering goods:It is closed on Sunday) Shri Ram Road - most suitable place for Sanitary Building materials and Guin Road Stationery Market. In addition,  a big medicine market has emerged near   Qaiser Market which houses a number of  wholesale traders in Medicines.

Main Shopping areas:
Najirabad: Sports shop,Kolhapuri shoes
Garbarjhala : Crockery, toys, Plastic items
Pratap Market - Sarees, Hozari,Ready-made clothes
Sarafa Market: 100 years old
Guin Road -Stationery Market: 50 years old market - This place is famous for about 200 shops of stationery items, books, copies, Pen,etc.. As per local residents business with turn over of about 1.5 crores is done year. You can buy here, Invitation Cards for Marriage, parties, stationery items, copies, pen,and books and other such items in both thok and futkar prices. As per legend, it was named on a British officer, who took keen interest in development of this area. The rates are much cheaper. 

Marriage cards:
You can buy Marriage Cards and order to print them as per your choice behind the book market. There are hundreds of shops.
Mohan Market:for clothes: around 325 shops
Ganeshganj: Thok market of clothes

Famous Shops:  Purshottamdas & Sons Jewellers, 23 Aminabad Park, Lucknow
Gara Bhandar- Opposite Jhandewala Park, Aminabad Lucknow -Readymade clothes, Marriage collections, woolens, Mens wear, Salwar suits, Saree, Shervani, bedsheets,
Patri Shops : along the boundary of Jhandewala Park

Madhurima: Shree Ram Road, Aminabad (186 years old Sweet,food shop)
Other food items available: Dalmoth, Biryani, Kulfi, Kachauri,Gajak, Chat Golgappe, Nonveg foods, Elayachi dana, etc.

Garga Engineering Company, 24 Shri Ram Road, Aminabad, Lucknow -famous for Jindal and plumbing fittings

Sardarji : opposite to Maata Badal Pansari - famous for Papar, Bari, Mungauri,etc.

Parking : A underground parking (Jhandel Wala Park)- There is a three storied  car,  motorcycle parking which caters to almost all the vehicles coming for shopping in Aminabad apart from some open parking near it.
Charges: Rs.  15/- for 4 hours parking

Washrooms: (Sulabh:Contact:0522-2320413 ) At least it is available  near Jhandevala Park, opposite to Books Market. They charge nominal fee of Rs.1/- or 2/- for using toilets/bath.

Colleges in Aminabad: Aminabad Mahila College, Vidyant Colleges,etc.

Where to stay in Aminabad : Hotels in Aminabad 

Hotel Gulmarg  at Dr B N Verma Road, Hotel Prakash Lodge 99,Loutouche Road (Main Road), near Charbagh, Hotel Deep AvadhNaka Hindola, Aminabad Road, Lucknow- 226018, Contact Phone No. 0522-2684381, Hotel HarsitNaka Hindola Chauraha, Aminabad Road, Lucknow-226004, Contact Phone No. 0522-2683048    Seema Restaurant And Caterers 3, Lalbagh, Halwasiya Road, Hazratganj, Lucknow Contact Phone No. 0522-2611038  etc. are some of the hotels available. 

Something more than a Market Place

Jhandewala Park

In the central place of Aminabad Market you may see a Park..somewhat not looking like park. It is the famous historical Aminuddaila Park where the freedom fighters first hoisted the tricolour in the park in 1928. Since then it is known as Jhandewala Park .
At one of the corner,  a statue of martyr Gulab Singh Lodhi with a flag in his hand is seen. Lodhi, it is said was a resident of Unnao. He was one of the brave freedom fighters and as per this history, he was shot dead when he climbed a tree in the park with the flag, just for defying government order that was unacceptable to freedowm fighters and the people of Lucknow. 
A few steps away from the statue of Martyr Gulab Singh Lodhi, there is the memorial of the `jhanda gaan' (flag song) "Jhanda ooncha rahe humara". The contribution of Lucknow towards India fight for freedom can be traced in the Aminabad locality.

Pandain Ki Masjid

Lucknow's secular tehzeeb also reflects in a Mosque call Pandain Ki Masjid- constructed by a Hindu Rani, Jai Kunwar Pandey for her friend Khadiza Khanum, wife of Awadh's first Nawab, Saadat Khan in this locality.You can view this ultra white Mosque near the books shops.

Shri Mahabir Hanuman Ji Temple in Aminabad-Aminabad Hanuman Temple :Adjacent to Mohan Market you can view an old beautiful temple.

Aminabad Main Market

Lucknow Cuisine in Aminabad - 

You can relish and enjoy Kebab in the 100-year old Tunde ke Kebab shop in Aminabad- the most famous outlet for choicest Kebabs and non-veg dishes even today. Tunda Kebab is so named as it was the then specialty of a one-armed chef. This Tunde Kebab is in fact incorporates about 160 spieces and is family secret. If you come to Lucknow, do not forget to taste this century old Kebab. You can also have it in one another shop at Chowk in Lucknow. 

Bismillah ki Biryani

There is another Shop called Bismillah ki Biryani , which is located just left  to Tunday Kabob. It is also famous for its delicious Biryani. This shop is located at two places, on is right side of Tunde Kebab and the other one location is after a little distance but it serves only chicken biryani.

Prakash Ki Kulfi :   Just for Rs.20/- you can enjoy this most famous kulfi (ice cream made in traditional way)  in Aminabad

Madhur Milan - a  crowded restaurant

This is a veg restaurant in Aminabad Lucknow. Ground floor is for all and 1st floor is for families and ladies. You can have almost all tasty foods and relish special dishes. If you visit This Madhur Milan please do relish the Chhole Bhature, a special food item served by them and

Do not forget to visit : Kabra ke Paas Vali Purani Dukan  for Puri, Sabi and Raita. 

Aminabad Market

Chief Market in Aminabad

Cinema Hall in Aminabad

Aminabad Market Crossing

Garbarjhala Market

Gad badjhala Market

Gadbadjhala market

Chief Market - Flowers Shop

Chief Market

Flowers Shop

Toy shops in Chief Market

Arora's Achar and Murabbas

Swadeshi Market 

The famous Hanuman Ji Temple

 Hanuman Ji Temple

View of Temple in Aminabad

Clothes for all 

Tunde Kebab Shop

Mohan Market 

Madhur Milan 

Matabadal Pansari